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About Craniosacral Therapy

Cranio-sacral biodynamic therapy is a holistic touch-based therapy originating in  osteopathy. The main difference is that there is no mechanical manipulation, the touch is very gentle while the client is lying - it is not a kind of massage. Self-healing processes are being started in the body during a deep relaxation state and the nervous system (which is usually overloaded by a busy lifestyle) is getting back to its balance. The therapy works on several levels - physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual. I also do work with children of all ages.

Charles Ridley explains

Experience of my clients

Athina Bailey

Athina Bailey

Coach for spiritual practitioners

Working with Tereza, is incredible, I come to Prague once a year and when I do, I make sure to book in with her. I first came to see her when I had really bad anxiety and already after the first session I noticed significant improvements. The treatment totally calmed my nervous system and rewired me. Tereza has a beautiful calming presence, and she holds a powerful space for massive release. I highly recommend her work.
Thank you again!


Jewellery designer

After several sessions of Sacro Cranial with Tereza I can say that it is a moment of pure pleasure... it feels so good to connect to that natural state of being, deeply in a present moment, experiencing of what is right here. Actually after each session I observe several changes in my life - I feel connected to myself, being in my center, intuitive, my body and mind are functionning together. I feel that I can relax more easily and slow down in my every day life... Thank you so much for that great opportunity :-)


My office is near Kobylisy metro station:

Přádova 8, Praha 8

You can book your appointment with a text message on:

Tel.: 605 211 671

If the phone will not be answered, please send me a text message instead.





1 session100 min.Mon-FriCZK 2000

Children younger than 14 years

1 session60 min.Mon-FriCZK 2000


If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please let me know at least a day in advance (in the morning) - so there is a chance, that another client will use the slot. If you cancel your appointment after 12:00am on the previous day, or at the day of the appointment, I will charge you for the whole session even if you won't show up. Thank you for your understanding.


My journey

Tereza Králová

I was born and raised in Prague. Because I love nature a lot, I started to study natural science (biology and chemistry) at Charles University. During the studies I realized that this scholastic and scientific approach is not compatible with my inner setting and that instead of approaching nature with love and care, it was all about dissecting and analyzing it. In fourth grade I decided to quit and my family and friends didn't show much understanding for this decision.

I continued with a search for what is "mine" and this journey sometimes ended up in a dead-end. For example when I completed an accounting course and worked for a big multinational company. On the other hand, I am grateful that I had a chance to see what this world of business is all about and that I realized that it has nothing to offer - at least for me. I left the company for a maternity leave and during this period I finally found what I was searching for the whole time. I completed a two-year-long course of Cranio-sacral therapy and I found my life-time mission in that. I finally had a taste of that feeling when everything fits into place and makes sense.

I see parallels with cranial therapy in everyday life, when I am witnessing how wise our bodies are. Physical body is like a child, completeley independent on us and independent on how we treat it - just like a loving mother, who also does everything she can for us. 

Professional education

professional training of  CranioSacral biodynamics – Abha Sajwel, H. Havlíčková, L. Bačová – Institute of CranioSacral Biodynamics

postgradual course of craniosacral biodynamics focus on working with babies, children and their parents – Sheila Kean (UK) – Resonance trainings a ČATKSB

postgradual course Zážehy I. a práce z úrovně Bytí – Abha Sajwel, Hana Havlíčková – Institute of CranioSacral Biodynamics

Somatic Experiencing for Kids I. – Maggie Kline (USA)

postgradual course Zážehy II. a práce se vztahovým polem – Abha Sajwel, Hana Havlíčková – Institute of CranioSacral Biodynamics

postgradual course Fluid body (craniosacral biodymanics in connection with aquabodywork ) – Abha Sajwel, Lukáš Havelka –Institute of CranioSacral Biodynamics, Aquabodywork ČR

postgradual course Sinoatriální uzel srdce jako orgán vnímání I. - Charles Ridley (USA)

postgradual course Sinoatriální uzel srdce jako orgán vnímání II. - Charles Ridley (USA)

postgradual course Za horizont Ticha a Klidu - čistý Dech Lásky - Charles Ridley (USA)

Somatic Experiencing for Kids II. – Maggie Kline (USA)

assistant at Institute of CranioSacral Biodynamics led by Abha Sajwel

i am a member of  Czech association of craniosacral biodynamics therapists

My office